Avionics India helps enterprises think ahead. Our IT consulting services help organizations to reduce operational costs, enhance customer satisfaction and create an edge over their competitors. We support organizations with appropriate IT services and solutions that meet their immediate business needs. Our IT Consulting service offerings enables organizations in making sure that their IT is flexible, scalable and ready to promptly and efficiently adapt to new business demands, and is offered in the most cost-effective model to match with the pace of your business growth.


  1. IT Strategy & Architecture.
  2. IT Governance & Risk Management.
  3. IT Operations Improvement.
  4. Digital Transformation.

IT Strategy & Architecture

            Avionics India is committed to provide state-of-the-art Architecture and Technology services that drives organizations via defined IT based Architecture Road-Map, Enterprise Architecture Review, Enterprise Architecture Deployment Services. while consistently analyzing changing factors to connect business needs with sufficient IT capabilities. It is vital that an organisation’s IT strategy aligns with its business objectives otherwise great technology can count for nothing. This issue comes into sharp focus when a business is undergoing change - new priorities are set, IT spend comes into question or even an historic under investment in IT starts to be addressed. When any of those factors come into play, IT directors face the complex challenge of developing a strategy that can work alongside the business priorities.

We believe a good IT strategy and architecture framework helps you:

  1. Gather necessary information.
  2. Analyze what is important to the company.
  3. Formulate and prioritize necessary enhancements to the strategy and architecture.
  4. Clarify measurements of success.
  5. Stay nimble and change as business demands evolve.
  6. Align IT initiatives with business objectives.
  7. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT infrastructure.
  8. Create an integrated, flexible service-oriented architecture.

Our Services Include:

  1. Technology Advisory and Strategy Management
  2. Managed Architecture and Design
  3. IT Service Management and Governance Advisory
  4. Cloud Advisory Service


IT Governance & Risk Management.

            For many organizations today, IT is central to success, and IT performance has a direct impact on business performance. But IT departments don’t perform well for the business by chance.IT spend, decision making and activity need to be in line with the overarching business objectives to make sure IT is supporting these objectives.That means the business needs to have its hands on the levers of IT – to be able to govern IT in the same way it governs other business units. The objective of IT Governance Risk Compliance Management (GRCM) is to integrate IT into the business. The business needs a window into the world of IT, giving it ability to monitor and control IT activity and budget to ensure business value is the priority.



  1. Regulatory Program Management
  2. Governance and Risk Management
  3. Audit and Assessment
  4. Business Continuity Management
  5. IT and Information Security
  6. GRC Platform
  7. Data Privacy

IT Operations Improvement.

 Our Consulting services help businesses to enhance process maturity and realize real business benefits. We enable organizations with the comprehensive process engineering and revamp projects that transform their business by discovering and implementing the right processes, the best-fit software/systems enhancement models and the right quality standards to yield better out-comes. High quality business processes are helpful in increasing the speed, flexibility, and quality for achieving competitive edge.

We provide:

  1. Process reengineering
  2. Capacity, throughput and productivity improvement
  3. Cost reduction
  4. Solution implementation
  5. Project management
  6. Flow management


Digital Transformation

            Successfully transforming your IT ecosystem isn’t just about software. You need the right people and the right processes in place to make sure that your new systems deliver the business value you’re looking for. Our digital transformation consulting services will help you develop the adoption initiatives, governance structures, and analytical capabilities you need to get the most out of your IT investments.

We provide:

  • Present leadership an understanding of transformation opportunities, potential benefits, and application to business objectives
  • Create an IT transformation reference model aligned to the specific goals of your organization
  • Analyze your current IT environment across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures
  • Detail the current state, pain points, negatives consequences, and recommendations required to achieve your objectives
  • Provide a list of quick wins and priorities to achieve momentum and build consensus
  • Present a logical topography to graphically illustrate the proposed transformative environment

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