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Give Wings Fly High


Avionics & Aerospace

  • Safety /Mission critical Avionics Engineering
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • DO-178C Software Engineering
  • DO-254 Hardware Software Engineering


Flying is what we love to do. Making it safer, easier and more fun is the mission we've been on.


Avionics India offers advanced avionics solutions for the largest diversification of aircraft types in the industry.


We are a group of pilots and programmers who've taken a careful look at the flight software out there and decided that there must be a better way.


AI works on smart communications and aviation electronics solutions for aerospace and defense companies. We put our technology and innovation to work to help you advance your goals. We are dedicated to continuously innovating new technologies and features for Avionics Products.


AI straddles the entire value chain from Software design, development, verification & Validation, testing, Quality assurance, Certification, qualification of products and equipment.


We set the standard in customer-centric, state-of-the-art ground and airborne solutions.


We provide Software and Hardware solutions for Systems like mission computers, and safety-critical control, weapon, missile, radar and ground-based systems..


Flight Control Systems, Cockpit Display Systems, Communication and Navigation Systems, In-Flight Entertainment Systems, Electronic Flight Bag, Cabin Management Systems and Surveillance Systems, Electrical System, Fuel Management System, Brake Management System, Hydraulic System, Terrain Awareness and Warning System among others


 Intelligent Air Data Systems and Compact Flight Deck Instruments that enable pilots to assimilate critical information in extreme environments.


Full Authority Digital Engine Controls (FADECs), including Power Control and Distribution Systems, Actuation Control Systems, Engine and Fuel Indicator Systems, Flight Management Systems, Weapon Control Systems.

We can also provide software Services for Systems like Auto Rudder Trim Unit System, Air Data Computer System, Cabin Pressure Control System, Data Acquisition System, Engine Interface and Power Management System, Engine Monitoring Display System, Engine Vibration Monitoring System, Electronic limiter unit for Engine system, Engine Data Concentrator Unit, Fire Protection System, Ice & Snow Detection System, Secondary Power Generation System, Secondary Flight Display System

Automotive technology for the future

Smart Engineering

Drive Tomorrow’s Auto


Our engineers develop and test product innovations for motor vehicle manufacturers in research centers around the world.


We have all the potential to make driving easier, safer, cleaner, economical and enjoyable.


Our innovative ideas are a step ahead of the future

Our goal is to ensure our customers receive the services and products they require when they need them, built to the highest quality, with unrivalled reliability. To achieve this, we benchmark our performance and that of our services & products and support against the industry’s highest standards. We develop our people and we invest in our technology.


We have a wide-ranging expertise in electronics, and through a process of ongoing innovation and environmental sustainability, we develop intelligent systems for vehicle safety, onboard comfort and powertrain technologies.


Electronic  Systems, Infotainment, Telematics, Instrument Clusters, Powertrain Systems, engine control systems for gasoline, diesel and multifuel engines, Automated/ Manual Transmission, Suspension Systems, shock absorbers, dynamic systems, exhaust systems, silencing systems, electronic and electro-mechanical systems, Body & Security, Connection Systems, Driver Interface, Electrical/Electronic Architecture, Fuel Cells, Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Products, Safety Electronics, Sensors etc


Standards and Guidelines we follow include

ARP4754, Iso26262, Iso14229, ISO15765, SAE, IEC 61508, ASAM, AUTOSAR, MISRA, OSEK, Automotive SPICE, ISO/IEC 12207, ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119


Step ahead of the future

Serving the Rail Eco System

Got a ticket to ride



In rail technology, we offer a comprehensive portfolio in the rail industry and delivers innovative services that set new standards in sustainable mobility. We Focus on energy, efficiency, economy and ecology – conserve energy, protect the environment and help to improve total train performance for operators and passengers.


CENELEC | EN50126/128/129


We provide software & hardware Development, verification services for


Systems for Freight and Low traffic, Systems for High Speed Lines, Systems for Conventional Main Line, Systems for Automatic Metro, Systems for Conventional Metro,


Railway Control, Systems for Freight and Low traffic, Control systems, Protection system,


Trackside Equipment, Emobility Solutions,  Propulsion & Controls, Transportation Systems, Signaling Solutions, communications-based train control (CBTC) system


DC Propulsion Control Systems, AC Propulsion Control Systems, Traction Motors & Drive , Equipment, Linear Motors, Locomotives, Auxiliary Power Supply Systems, Braking Systems,


Monitoring Camera System, Directional Acoustic System, Image Display System, Station Facilities, Management System, Passenger Information System, Platform Screen Doors, Rolling Stock, Wireless System, Millimeter Wave Transmission System,  IP Network, Train Safety Operational, Systems, Air Conditioning Systems, Train Information Systems, Train Vision Systems etc

  • We offer you a reliable and efficient signaling, the maintenance and the modernization of your infrastructures as well as an available and performing rail network.
  • Our solutions are designed to secure the rail network, increase its availability and optimize its electricity consumption.


We contribute to reliable, safe, comfortable railway transportation

Medical Electronics

Medical | IEC 62304 | FDA


We are equipped with all the resources required for an effective requirements management, risk mitigation, and automation that are necessary for developing safe and effective medical devices.